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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  April 29, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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threatening to terminate the contract of an ambulance company, the problems that led up to this decision. also, the growing concerns could be headed for civil war, it is all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. well, good morning to you, we are ready, it is april 29th, i am dave clark. >> good morning, thank you for waking up with us, steve paulson said it is warm and we have a few days of warm weather? >> yes, it could get windy into tomorrow night and that definitely needs to be watched, we are starting off with some 60s and we could end up with 90s. here is sal. good morning. if you are driving on the freeways traffic is moving along well on 880 westbound and
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traffic is like at the toll plaza, let's go back to the desk. the search continues for the killer of an 8-year-old girl. she was stabbed to death inside her home on saturday. the girl's 12-year-old brother told investigators he saw a white or latino man with gray hair running from his house. he said when he went to check on his sister, she had been stabbed. people are being told to keep their doors and windows locked and police will be at bus stops and security will be surrounding schools. >> deputies say they are processing fingerprints and dna evidence right now and right now more than 100 officers are working on that case. alex savage will have a live report coming up at 5:30. >> burlingame police are
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expected to release more information about the stabbing of an off actuality police officer. it happened during a fight on park road in downtown burlingame. the uncle of one of the guys, his nephew, an off-duty police officer was stabbed several times and he is now listed in stable condition, still not clear though how many other people were hurt or arrested in that incident. time is now 5:02, they are threatening to terminate the contract of an ambulance company after just a year and a half. janine de la vega is live to tell us about the problems that led to that decision, janine? >> reporter: county officials are watching just how quickly santa clara ambulances arrived to emergency calls. according to a new report, the county has fail lend short am -- fallen short. they require the ambulance county arrived less than 20
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minutes 90% of the time after being dispatched. according to the information the ambulance company violated its contract and did not arrive within the 12 minute required timeframe. the county executive said with one more violation, the county may have to consider terminating its contract with the ambulance company. they did not put people at risk but they would have been vulnerable if a disaster would have occurred. they reportedly are taking this matter seriously and in its last two reviews, they excited its -- exceeded its response time and we have not heard back but we hope to bring you their response in the morning news. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. san francisco city supervisors are talking about the current security measures for big events. the hearing comes in the wake
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of the deadly bombings of the boston marathon. they will be taking a close look at all of the bet it breaker's races and they can monitor any suspicious activity. new this morning, there are new concerns iraq could be headed for civil war. there are reports of a sunni group preparing for an attack on the shi'ite government and the government shut down mostly sunny television stations accusing them of encouraging violence. starting today, hundreds of thousands of californians will start getting benefit checks which will be cut by 18%.
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coming up, how they affect the unemployment benefits. >> the burn ban is in effect and there are still concerns about wildfires. live in san rafael, we are learning what may have caused a grass fire early this morning, tara? >> reporter: welfare officials say 90% of fires are caused by humans and firefighters believe this fire was ignited by a discarded cigarette. they snuffed it out near lincoln and erwin street and it is an example of how quickly it can catch fire. they warned it left them in danger of burn willing and we are way above average this same
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of year. if it gets underway he, it includes contra costa and santa cruz counties. we will find out more coming up in the next half hour, tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. pothole crews are focused on a different neighborhood every week with the goal of filling more than 3,000 potholes by june 26th. it starts between clifton and hundreds. last year they were filled during a similar blitz. right now we understand there is a crash on highway 4? >> yes, we have a camera there and we can see the crash on westbound 4 and it is there in the center divider and apparently there was debris in the road and somebody came up and hit it and got into a crash and you can see this activity on both sides of the road and
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the fire department is on the way. if you look to your left, it is going to be a situation where chp will get this cleared and they are trying to get it cleared on willow pass exit. this looks good, 101 looks good approaching the 880 split and if you are driving on the peninsular, on 280 it looks good up and down the peninsular. let's go to steve. any fog will not stand much of a chance and it doesn't mean there is not any, it is probably not as warm as yesterday and the change takes place tuesday night and it
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means windy north and east bay, it means late tuesday into wednesday, as we get the northeast wind it will be a warmer pattern for us as you know. 72 and there are projections and possibilities of getting upper 80s by the mid-to-upper end of the week so it looks like a sunny hotter pattern for everyone by thursday. and in napa, other locations will be 60. look at half-moon bay, 48 and cool by the coast. we would not be surprised for coastal location. we have a northwest breeze, clear skies 37 up in usual
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kind, 75 book ends, a few high clouds, otherwise sunny and warm, cool morning for some, especially by the coast. upper 80s some lower 90s fairfield 88, livermore 91, san mateo 77, santa cruz 77, gilroy will start to warm up pretty quickly and we will have more coming up shortly. warriors beat denver in the nebraska playoffs, 115 to 101 and now they have a lead and can move on to the next round if they beat the nuggets tomorrow. about 20,000 fans were there wearing gold and yellow cheering loudly, as stefan curry kept doing that. he led with the is could of
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several points over a few minutes. >> we just got into a rhythm and from then on, the gold looked a little better. >> he was hot and set up a clinching series in game 5 and if the warriors win they will play san antonio spurs and san antonio swept the lakers. >> yeah, friday. putting the breaks on the choice to take cars off the road. it is a design that is supposed to help the environment. speaking out on the inside of a church and it later became a crime scene. you can see the fast lane is blocked and also the right lane, you can see an officer is out there trying to clear some debris, we will tell you more
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. now we are hearing from a victim who was horrified after it happened in a church. he ran to the church after a commune beyond and started stabbing members of the choir. four people were hurt two critically. one was a through the player of
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the choir and he spoke from his hospital bed. >> i dropped my flute and got him into a bear hug. >> many members tackled him and held him until police got there. the attacker was not a member of the parish and there is still no word on a possible motive. in bangladesh, there is little hope of finding more survivors. the fire in the rubble slowed down the searching and at least 382 people died, hundreds more are still missing this morning. the building's owner is accused of forcing the staff to work despite the cracks in the building. they gave them 15 days to interrogate that owner. they have almost a half billion for tanks. the army chief of staff said
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upgrades to the abrams tank is not necessary and he would prefer to spend the money on other projects but congress continues to improve the tanks because it provides jobs in ohio. they say improving the tanks is a matter of national security. people who receive unemployment benefit will start getting smaller checks this week. as kyla campbell reports, it is all part of the those automatic budget cuts that became law. >> i notice there are 400,000 californians affected, saying they had to do it by 18%. the average is getting about $300 in federal unemployment and starting this week we have $250. most people are eligible for state unemployment and then an additional of federal extension
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benefits and it affects only the amount of ney moreceived through the federal extension benefits. this all comes as california's unemployment rate was at its lowest in four years. now unemployment benefits could play a role with the number of people looking for work when i see you next. live in washington, kyla campbell ktvu channel 2 morning news. now we are learning more about the bolt problem at the new eastern span of the bay bridge. they have 1,200 bolts made out of galvinized steel. it was banned by nationwide officials because the bolts can crack. they say it is in safe and is in line with industry standards. many are fighting a plan to reduce the number of city vehicles on the road. the 2010 ordinance requires the city of san francisco to cut
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its fleet by 20% by the year 2015. department heads have submitted wavers to keep them from those vehicles. the department of environment will make a final decision on the wavers and they do not apply to emergency vehicles or to public transit. san francisco international airport now offers daily nonstop flights to and from shanghai. they have one flight today to shanghai and that flight lands at 930 in the morning. -- 9:30 in the morning. now because of continuing runway improvement, the work that started is scheduled to wrap up later this morning. now one of the major runways has to have upgrades and more is scheduled for next month. you mentioned earlier a crash on highway 4, sal, what is the latest on that.
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>> pam, highway westbound 4, you can see they have just now in the last few minutes cleared it off and it was blocking that fast lane as a matter of fact, i just tweeted. i looked up and i tweeted it and it is gone so they moved it and the traffic right now is actually moving along relatively well considering it is early and we will let you know, it was backing up into pittsburgh and now that they have opened the lanes you can certainly tell they are beginning to free up. let's look at the westbound bay bridge, you can see traffic continues to move along relatively well and also if they are driving on the peninsular that is a nice looking drive so far. let's go to steve. nice to mild to warm to hot, if anything is over 75 or -- is over 75 or hot, we will focus on what looks to be a
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windy pattern, it is much warmer and we have well above average temperatures, next week looks cooler if you want to look out that far. we have a very quiet pattern, we had four months of quiet, what has turned into no rain at all, we have above average not inland. 50s and 60s at this time. sunny and warm weather and that system will move into the north and it will kick up the wind, windy in the hills which means fire danger goes up as well and tuesday and wednesday we get an offshore breeze and it looks like after that system all systems are a go for high pressure. windy conditions and we could get some gusts well over 40 tomorrow night and we are giving you a heads up, it sure looks like everything is on tap for that. 66 on the coast yesterday, 72 today and it will continue to
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warm up, mid-to-upper 80s by wednesday into thursday and possible records. sunny and warm today, a little breezy and some of the higher elevations not too bad at the surface, temperatures are well above average for everybody and they will stay that way most of this week and it looks very warm, maybe thursday into friday and there are some hints, one starts a cool down. >> thank you steve. 5:20 is the time and european markets are up, they are looking ahead to include the central bank. they finished the trading day and japan and south korea also slipped and japan and taiwan finished with gains. it is a pretty good opening for nasdaq dow jones industrial average and s&p 500 after a
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little bit of a mix friday. there was another shake in the executive sweet, matt zane who had beenco chief operating officer and is also investment officer, his cochief is leaving as ceo to become chief at first data and this is a big change since working the last 18 months. now why bay area venture capital are investing in food. and a teenager fell down a ventilation shaft, we will have more on that coming up after the break. you kids should count yourselves lucky.
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shop at ♪ . good morning. he fell down a shaft and the boy fell 35 feet at a military bunker yesterday morning. they cut through a steel barricade to get him free. he has a broken arm and some bruises but he is expected to make a full recovery. steven brewers is recovering from a shoulder surgery after a bicycle accident in washington d.c. he had reverse shoulder surgery saturday. he is expected to be released
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in the next couple of days and the associate justice in the past broke his collarbone in earlier accidents. they are now making big bets on food and some investors are saying it is nothing short of transforming food in the industry. they funneled $250 million into food projects and that's up 30% from the year before. some ideas include producing fewer animal products and some are including making something out of plants. they are expecting to put the focus on ceo tim cook. the last year for apple has been about products that were about them and they expect to see it on its mobile.
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in that year they will have done 30 new days without a new project. the bear's demolished the u.s. navel academy 74-6 and that was the last home game for cal. now the undefeated bears have to get ready for the national championship and a victory would seal cal's 8th national title in 10 years and that's just fine with sal castaneda. >> yes, it is. >> i know but you are also watching highway 280, right? >> yes. northbound 280 getting to highway 17 looks good if you are driving it is a nice looking drive here and there are no problems on 17 coming in from the santa cruz mountains and also southbound we have a nice looking freeway heading south, here is steve. temperatures are in the 50s
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across the bay inland and clear skies and no fog. temperatures by the coast, 60s and 70s around the bay, and 90s well inland, dave? a controversial move to help the homeless. and they are targeting president bashar assad. a little girl is stabbed to death, what investigators are saying about her killer. çó
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welcome back. we are having august weather. >> yes, it has been too weird. >> i mean weatherwise. >> i don't mind, you can keep it going, steve. >> i know, things are just a little strange here, if you are enjoying the warm weather, go inland, 60s and 70s to low 90s. westbound interstate 880 looking good to start, no major problems heading out to the mcarthur maze. if you are looking at the bay bridge commute, it is a good drive into san francisco. it is 5:30 let's go back to dave and pam. they are searching for the
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killer of an 8-year-old girl leila fowler. she was stabbed to death inside her own home. they are live outside the little girl's school, alex? >> reporter: yes, got a morning and -- good morning and this will no doubt be a difficult day in valley springs for the children. leila fowler was a third grader here and i want to show you the tribe build this -- tribute this community made for her on this fence. the sheriff's office will be stepping up patrols at this school and two other schools where leila fowler a siblings are attending. they will have grieve counselors on hand. leila fowler was attacked inside her home, authorities say an intruder stabbed her to death and the man still remains on the loose.
5:32 am
her 12-year-old brother described the man as hispanic with long gray hair and they have not talked about what the motive may have been but we will bring in the principal of jenny lynn elementary, how are you dealing with this? >> it has been a busy weekend and we know you write a response plan and you hope never to have to use it and that will start at 6:00 this morning and start it over the weekend and you know we are just going to count on students, parents community and support staff to help work everybody through this. it is a tough day and difficult to drive on to campus, realizing the devastation and loss. leila fowler was an amazing young girl, kind to everyone, knew so many people. it is just going to be a celebration of her life and a commemoration of what she meant to everybody and you know lots of listening and talking and we have a big team of crisis
5:33 am
support counselors team coming to join us for the kids. >> reporter: how do you explain this to the kids when you hardly understand this yourself in. >> well, i think it will be a lot of listening and a lot of assurances that kids are safe and really commemorating and listening to their thoughts about leila fowler but making sure they are emotionally safe and we will have a large police presence as you said later today and i will be counting on so many professionals that will be working with us today from school psychologists to chaplins to even high school counselors will be here to work with us so we have a lot of preparations and we will be ready to go at 7:00. >> thank. >> reporter: well, this young girl in valley springs leila fowler attended here as a third grader.
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and we are touching base with the sheriff's office still searching for the person who killed this young girl and we will bring you any updates as we get them from this area. for now live at the elementary school. alex savage ktvu channel 2 morning news. the prime minister nearly escaped an assassination attempt. a bomb exploded in damascus, his body guard was killed, his driver is in critical condition and they are targeting members of president bashar assad's regime and they are trying to bring up levels of the security. more information into the boston marathon bombings. an elite team of fbi agents is now working around the clock to try to determine if the two suspects acted alone.
5:35 am
so far u.s. intelligence agencies have not uncovered anything if others were involved but they are pointing out this investigation yet it is still early in its stages. >> no, there is no forward connection and it is just these two guys. >> how would they push that narrative. >> i have no idea. i don't know why that is the case but early on theres a rush to judgment. >> meantime, the fbi has tracked down a mysterious man who reportedly tutored the early bombing suspect in the ways of ratical islam. the man known only as misch is now cooperating with the fbi and there is no evidence he had any connection to the bomb plot. meantime family friends and strangers are talking about the effort to help his family and we will have that coming up at
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5:45. a start-up company is hoping to use abandoned muni buses to provide bathrooms for the homeless. as many as 130 people a day can use showers and toilets in buses all over the city. they have secured them and they are looking for grants to install the bathrooms. it would cost as much as $100,000 to retrofit each of those buses. santa clara county is looking to terminate the contract of an ambulance company after only a year and a half. we will have more on the problems that led to this decision, janine? >> reporter: the county's exclusive 911 provider had a quicker response time than the previous provider but according to a new report in the last six months, that has not been the
5:37 am
case. here is new video when ambulance became the provider and they claim they mut arrive 90% of the time but according to the information they violated its contract and did not arrive within the 12 minute required timeframe. the county executive said with one more violation of that type, the county may have to consider terminating its contract with the ambulance company. he told the paper while it did not put patient's at risk the county would have been vulnerable if a disaster occurred. they are taking this matter seriously and actually in the last two reviews, the county exceeded its response time and a spokesperson said she is waiting for their corporate
5:38 am
public affairs person to get back to her on how they are reacting to this apparent breach of the contract. reporting live from san jose, janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. jury selection in the alleged killer joseph naso is set to begin this morning. the 79-year-old is accused of killing four women between 1977 and 1994. all of the victims were found strangled along rural roads and joseph naso who is representing himself faces the death penalty if convicted. former 49er and raider harris is accused of assaulting his boyfriend during an argument at a menlo park restaurant last january. the former defensive tackle said he was gay and kept his sexuality a secret during his career. he played one season with the
5:39 am
raiders and the nhl has released the schedule with the san jose sharks and game one is wednesday. the defeated sharks will play vancouver canuks in round one. round 2 is in vancouver friday night and they shift for game three sunday and it stays here for game four next tuesday. the sharks want revenge after losing to the canuks in the western conference finals after losing two years ago. sal, you are checking the toll plaza? >> yes. it is one of the big commutes getting into the city. you can use the toll plaza or 101 getting in and traffic is moving well as you drive through and right now there is a very small delay in some of those cash lanes and traffic does move well into the city. also the morning commute on interstate 880 is wide open and certainly people are out there and nothing major reported here
5:40 am
but traffic is moving along well but i want to report in nearby unincorporated hayward at western and blossom way, there is an injury accident at that corner. also let's move down to 101, the traffic is moving well down the peninsular. unclear skies, temperatures are all in the 50s and i saw 55 and 58 in san rafael, and temperatures today will be warm, not as warm as yesterday but it will be close anywhere from 60s to lower 90s and the bigger change starts tomorrow. the system in the north will give us a cool down but the winds turn more east and there is our system to the north, we just clipped more in reno nevada and it also means higher fire dangers. it is already high enough with 10 to 15 degrees above average,
5:41 am
especially in the north and east bay hills, it also means warmer patterns and san francisco yesterday going 66 and the trend is take that temperature up, up, up, up all the way through the end of the week probably. 48 half-moon bay, walnut creek and napa. northwest breeze higher elevations skier skies and it is also a warm one 88 concord, walnut creek, 89 in livermore, 90 gilroy, discuss, 83 san
5:42 am
jose, 74 san bruno and 72 in san francisco, palo alto, woodside and menlo park. tuesday and wednesday we have a warmup and wednesday into thursday and even into friday and cooler on the weekend. they have bold new safety plans, the changes they want to make and we will have more on how bart is changing its position moving forward. we have a piece of history officials have discovered. good morning, 101 san francisco is looking good approaching the 880 split and we will have more on your commute and the bay area weather. stay tuned for more.
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. welcome back, good morning to you, here is a quick look at some of the top stories we are following for you at 5:44 a burn ban is in effect because of concerns of wildfires. the burn ban includes alameda, contra costa, santa clara, contra costa and santa cruz counties. giselle they are expected to tell us more about the stabbing of an off-duty police officer. the uncle says his nephew, an off-duty berkeley police officer was stabbed several times and is listed in stable condition. and security is a lot more as the search goes on for the
5:46 am
killer of an eight-year-old girl leila fowler. they are right now working on dna evidence found. we want to take you there live where workers will install the final two sections of a 408- foot fire making it the tallest building in the western hemisphere. the stainless steel building, that piece will make it 1776- foot tall building and that height will mark it for memory. they are believed to be one of the plains that crashed. they are having problems getting it out due to the size and the tight space it is wedged into. the new suspect in the
5:47 am
ricin letters case has a court appearance today. they arrested everett dutschke saturday in tupelo mississippi. he is accused of sending letters with poisonous ricin inside to president barack obama, a mississippi senator and a judge. they had arrested another mississippi man who was later cleared and claimed he was framed by everett dutschke. a benefit was run for the 11-year-old martinez boy hurt in the boston marathon bombings. aaron was waiting for his mother to finish the marathon when the bomb went off seriously injuring his legs. aaron was released after two very serious operation. he turns 12 years old on wednesday and his family is hoping he will be back in the
5:48 am
bay area by then. you can get the very latest on our website on the boston marathon bombings, last year's deadly attack inside a mansion, he was killed when three men broke into his home ransacked it and demanded cash and other valuables. a former exotic dancer has come forward to recognize that he fathered her two daughters and he would have wanted to take care of them. she is petitioning the court for half of the estate. they will nominate anthony fox as the new transportation secretary. fox will take ray la hood and fox is the american african-
5:49 am
american nominee among the candidates for president barack obama's second term. later bart will come out with new safety measures that are planned. they will allow bart to ban passengers for serious crimes against other passengers and bart employees. also bart police officers will be getting video cameras and now these measures come after the boston marathon attacks. they will be speaking at 11:00 this morning. right now, i want to check back in with sal for a look at traffic, sal? good morning, pam and dave, we have not had a lot going on and let's look at the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic is moving along but they turned on the lights and we'll see if they turn them on today. 101 looks good and it
5:50 am
definitely has a summer morning feel as it is light and mild and there are no problems driving into the city and people are up early. if you are driving on the peninsular 101 and 280 are looking good. let's go to steve. people are up early? >> yeah, they are. >> okay, that is a good thing, we will have clear skies warm to hot, 60s and 70s and the coolest temperatures are there and slicing through northern nevada that will turn the winds nor northerly and that means elevated fire danger and it's so dry around here since january and already it is looking ominous for the fire season. mainly north and east bay hills and we will not be surprised to see 50s. it is 48 and 51 napa airport, 61 san jose, hayward 59, kind
5:51 am
of a morning chill for others, not much of a breeze, for some it is off west and some of the higher elevations up in lake tahoe and it is 75 degrees already. maybe record highs in las vegas and they were talking about that. a few high clouds coming in late tomorrow from that system in the north and we will focus our attention, especially by the coast, still warm inland and well away from the coast, 70s by the bay, santa clara there as well. 7p -- 77 d.c. passive can 64. they are ramping up those temperatures and cooler weather is back by the end of the week
5:52 am
and weekend. most americans are earning and spending more. it edged up slightly in march and it seems consumer spent ever bit of that and savings held steady at 2. 7%. airways are taking a step to get dream liners back in service. they successfully had the aircraft safely completed a two- hour flight after being refitted with the new lithium eye on battery -- battery design. again of mercenary -- gang of body builders, 20 million in ticket sales, knocks them into second and 42, the big wedding
5:53 am
and the crew knocks out the top 5. cops chasing crime fighter for real. what he is accused of in a case of sticky fingers in los angeles. it was a dangerous weekend for divers in and around the bay area. look at them kids. [ sigh ]
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. all right, steve time now 5:55, they are mourning the loss of three divers in mendocino counties. searchers found cedric colette on shell beach saturday and became separated from another diver and never resurfaced. the diving season started april 1st and a lot of divers were in the waters this weekend due to a very low tide. >> anything can pull you out, a wave can pull you out or the uneven terrain... >> the 36-year-old san francisco man got caught in a rip current at south park and a
5:57 am
few hours later another diver was found in fort brag. business leaders are very upset about the stalled move to san jose. they have talked about a possible lawsuit to help facilitate the move. the new a's downtown facility will bring in another 180 million a year in san francisco -- and san francisco giants are blocking the move saying the giants have territorial rights to the south bay. police in los angeles are dealing with an unusual suspect and i want to show you a video of the man they thought they were looking for but he was not their guy. now they are looking for another man dressed in a spiderman suit. he stole 10,000 in cash from an employee on the boulevard and apparently a lot of people dress like spiderman in l.a
5:58 am
>> i noticed sal is dressed very nicely this morning. thank you dave and pam, we are off to a good start on the south bay and if you are driving on 680 south, that traffic on the sunole grade looks good and a lot of people are thought already and there are no major problems and chp gave us much to talk about, let's go back to the desk. more fall out from the boston bombings, how city leaders appear in san francisco and how they will respond to the tragedy this week. plus a desperate search right now in one california community, the victim, an 8- year-old girl leila fowler. we will have a forecast in two minutes, stay tuned for more news, weather and traffic.
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. an eight-year-old girl is stabbed to death, we will tell you how the county is responding and they are trying to help her classmates cope. this fire is shaping up to be a dangerous fire and we ll


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